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Barbados Beaches Nude Bathing, Privacy, Vendors, Security

Nude Bathing on Barbados beaches

In Barbados there are no nude beaches and all beaches are open to the public.
Nude bathing is illegal on Barbados beaches.

Barbados has a history of conservative British tradition and Barbadians are not comfortable undressing or seeing other undress on public beaches.


All beaches in Barbados are open to the public.
Properties which front onto a beach may own the land to the high-water mark only.
Access to the beach is a right for every Barbadian and many of the sea front properties must provide a public right of way across their land to the ocean.

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Beach Vendors

Selling goods to tourists on the beach is a regulated practice in Barbados. Vendors are not permitted to roam the beach and set up shop out of a carrying case. If you are bothered by a vendor, report it to the police.


The most popular Barbados beaches are patrolled by police, but they cannot be everywhere and it is prudent not to leave valuables unattended. It is not wise to go on the beaches at night.
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