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Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach is one of the largest of Barbados' beaches, stretching from The Boatyard in the north to Needham's Point in the south.

Located just on the outskirts of the capital city Bridgetown, the waters here are quite calm and so are ideal for swimming and sea bathing. A lifeguard is on duty at the beach.

The white sandy beach is the perfect place to catch the rays of the sun. There is not much shade at the beach so be sure to bring your sunscreen if you wish to avoid a tan.

Brownes Beach overlooks the lovely Carlisle Bay which is often dotted with small boats and catamarans. But it's what's beneath the surface that's really interesting! The bay is home to many shipwrecks which in turn are home to tropical fish, frog fish, seahorses and more! If you're a scuba diver be sure to visit Carlisle Bay. Several catamaran cruises also stop at Carlisle Bay for snorkeling.

Brownes Beach, Barbados




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