St. Lawrence Gap - Restaurants

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Dining in St.Lawrence Gap!

A stroll down St.Lawrence Gap reveals a number of fine restaurants, providing an opportunity to sample a wide range of specialty foods:

  • Mexican dishes at Cafe Sol.
  • Great local cuisine at Sweet Potatoes.
  • Brazilian-style grilled meats at Paulo's Churrasco do Brasil.
  • Fresh Caribbean seafood and international dishes at Primo.
  • Pizza, pasta and lots more at Castaways.
  • Seafood, grilled specialties and vegetarian dishes at Harlequin Restaurant.
  • Delicious pizza, grilled foods and pasta at St.Lawrence Pizza Hut.
  • Authentic Jamaican dishes at Irie Food and Rude Boyz.
  • The best Italian at Luigi's.
  • Chinese food at Jade Gardens.
  • Street food.
Dining with a view in St.Lawrence Gap
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